About the Nursery

Cranford Nursery is a small friendly, family run nursery school which has been successfully established for over 37 years, and has built a fine reputation.   We are unique in offering our pupils small class sizes of 8 children and less, ensuring the highest levels of individual attention and promoting confident learners. Our curriculum offers fun filled topics full of new and exciting experiences.


Our nursery and staff have been continually praised by our parents to the Best Business Guide as being   "kind and           understanding, homely, flexible and professional"


We are open from 8.00am to 6.00pm fifty one weeks of the year.  We offer half day, full day, school day, Breakfast Club, After School Club and Holiday Club.


We take children from age 2 to 8 years.


Inspection Report 'Areas of Good Practice' stated by parents.


'The nursery is fantastic, friendly with a homely atmosphere'.


‘I can look on the door at the daily activities to see what my child will be doing but it’s on the parents only facebook page, which is very informative’.


‘my child loves nursery, she adores Cranford’.


‘I love the fact the nursery is small it’s like one big happy family’


‘I’m a teacher and I can highly recommend this nursery to my friends’.


'My child loves the garden + the bikes’.






Our Areas

Pre School Room

Art Room


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Little Bears 2 to 3 year old


Mission Statement

At Cranford, our aim is to provide rich learning opportunities in a stimulating environment that extends beyond the classroom. We believe in promoting a nurturing environment which is small and homely that will support children in their individual learning journey.

We Provide rich learning opportunities for children

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based on the visionary belief of philosopher Friedrich Froebal, that

'children are like a garden of flowers and need to be nurtured so they can grow'.

We Provide positive learning experiences

Learning extends beyond the classroom

We believe at Cranford Nursery


 “children are born ready to learn, they reach out to interact with people and the world around them. Development however is not an automatic process, it depends on each child having opportunities to interact in positive relationships and enabling environments”: (EYFS)

Our curriculum is based on learning through play and meets all the learning areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage

We offer our children a play- based curriculum which meets all the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. It supports all aspects of their learning and development. It encourages their in built curiosity and desire to make sense of the world around them and helps them to discover that learning is interesting and fun.

Development depends on positive relationships and enabling environments

The aim of Cranford is to provide

A homely and friendly environment that extends beyond the classroom. We believe we are unique in that our small class numbers promote a nurturing environment, full of rich opportunities to support children in their individual learning journey.

Small class numbers allow for more individual attention

We recognise that relationships between adults and children are crucial for a child’s happiness therefore our keyworkers are qualified practitioners who will meet the needs of each child in their care and respond sensitively to their feelings, ideas and behaviour, the key person will offer continuity and a relationship which is loving, comforting and caring enabling every child to feel reassured, safe and secure so that their learning experience is fun and fulfilling.

Our Keyworkers relationship is special

What makes Cranford special



Our Fantastic garden which is safe and enclosed, large and spacious. It is designed to offer unique learning opportunities and exciting and challenging experiences.



Beautifully decorated spacious rooms with a real home from home feeling.


Small class numbers.


Age-appropriate resources with the flexibility to accommodate each individual child's needs.


Full and Part-time sessions available, including a Breakfast Club, After School Club and a Holiday Club for when your child is ready for school.


Genuine caring relationships between practitioners and children. Strong key person system in place with each child forming close and comforting relationships.


Educational trips out teaching the children about caring for their community and understanding the world around them for example:


Beach school, trips to the Park, singing Christmas carols in residential homes, visits to Tesco to learn where our food comes from, these all provide realistic challenges for children and allows them to work through tasks themselves supporting their development; they learn to understand themselves and each other, promoting communication, problem-solving and social skills.


We open Monday to Friday, 51 weeks of the year, 8 am to 6 pm Monday to Thursday and 8 am to 5.30pm Friday


Children learn individually and with others through play. Education in the early years is about facilitating the development of confident and curious children, Providing them with positive learning experiences so they are not afraid to learn from their mistakes.